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Pictaero's Blog >> Election of the best photography 2020: a new vote

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Election of the best photography 2020: a new vote

Published on 03-28-2021 by totoro in Send a comment | Permanent link | 1 comment(s)

Hello everyone,

Following a problem with the authenticity of Florent PERAUDEAU's photograph, we decided to disqualify him. Normally it is the photograph that came in second which should win out this year, we have two photographs tied. For this reason we ask you to vote again to elect the winner. Here are the two pictures:

Photo N°7 de Gilles ASTRE
Boeing 777-328/ER - F-GZNT

Photo N°12 de Ramon JORDI
Boeing 737-8AS/WL - EI-EVA

Have a good vote. And thank you to everyone for your loyalty.

David D.

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Sent on 03-30-2021 07:09:06

Photo numéro 12 de Ramon JORDI