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Screeners' selection - 12th October 2011

Published on 10-12-2011 by stormo in News | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

The screeners' selection of the week...






Congratulation to all the photographers !

See you next week.

Kind regards,
Remo G.

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Happy New Year and ... PictAero's 50000th picture

Published on 01-01-2010 by Simon in News | Permanent link | 1 comment(s)

Happy new year and best wishes to all PictAero's members, visitors, fans ... This new year will see new events in the sky and you'll be able to follow them thanks to the pictures on PictAero. We do hope 2010 will provide you (and your camera) with your best aircraft pictures; be sure that we are already looking forward to watching your new works.

Along with the New Year celebration, PictAero has also reached a new milestone in its life with its 50,000th picture. It was highly improbable to reach such a figure on this day but we - sorry, you - have managed to do it!!

Willem RAVENSBERGEN sent us this picture this morning, it was shot last june in the Netherlands and that is the 50,000th photo on Pictaero.
CASA 295 - 022

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20,000 pictures ... not so bad ... and something new!

Published on 11-05-2008 by Curufinwe in News | Permanent link | 1 comment(s)

Here we are ... 20,000 photos on the website ...

It took us 10 months to reach 10,000 pictures ... and only 5 moonths to have another 10,000!
Well done to you all; first for your faithfulness, and we hope that Pictaero.com reaches your expectations; then, for your photos, because what is at the core of Pictaero.com is picture sharing; finally, for your comments, since they are a great reward for us!
You must know that we are a team composed of aviation fans and we spend most of our free time dealing with Pictaero.com; So, seeing more and more members seing more and more pictures really touches us. We feel that what we are doing is at least quite useful!

Now, we will expect the 50,000th photo before we can congratulate ourselves! wink
We will do as much as we can to improve Pictaero.com from what you tell us.

Oh, I have nearly forgotten about the 20,000th picture which was accepted...
It is an Air Berlin 757-200, taken at Zurich airport. The photographer is Pascal S.
757-200 - HB-IHS
For this occasion, we have decided to launch our own "Pictaero shop (only in French for the moment) ... You can find T-shirts, caps or stickers ...
For the photographer who was lucky enough to have the 20,000th picture online, we are offering him either a T-shirt or a cap. We do hope he can send a photo of him wearing it! wink

Many thanks to you all.

To go to the shop, click here or click on the link on the right-hand side of the page.

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There we are ... 10,000 reached!

Published on 06-08-2008 by Curufinwe in News | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

Within the week, we reached a major milestone when accepting the 10,000th picture on Pictaero!

To make a long story short, I would like to thank all our members for giving life to such a project; Many pictures, many comments, a great sharing experience!

I just want to show you the 10,000th picture that is now online ... Congratulations to David DAGOURET!

EF-2000 Typhoon - MM7275

Many more members every week, many more pictures ... could we get the 20,000th by September? laughing

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June 1st server maintenance - Report

Published on 06-03-2008 by Curufinwe in News | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

Last week, we were informing you of a server maintenance for June 1st.

Everything went fine. The maintenance had to be underdone until the afternoon, because Internet providers were long in updating the website's address.

We now have a more powerful structure that will allow us to welcome more members easily. Updates were done to make navigation faster and more comfortable for you.

Our photographs' treatment engine was updated. it is now more sensitive to high quality pictures. However, for lower quality photographs, the result may not be as good as it used to be.
Don't worry, each picture goes through validating procedures and our screeners will give you advice if needed.

Once more, on behalf of all Pictaero's team, I would like to thank you all for your faithfulness.

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Pictaero maintenance this coming Sunday

Published on 05-27-2008 by Mirage in News | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

As It was explained in a previous article on May 18th, we must perform a second technical maintenance on our web infrastructure.

Therefore, Pictaero will be inaccessible for most of Sunday morning; that is to say Sunday June 1st (CET - GMT+1).

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Technical maintenance

Published on 05-18-2008 by Curufinwe in News | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

This morning, between 9am and 11am, we had to perform a heavy network maintenance.

To be able to welcome many more users, and as fast as possible, we are trying to set up a new technical architecture within the coming weeks (the precise date will be given shortly).

So as to prepare the maintenance in the best conditions, we had to perform technical changes on certain sensitive points, such as picture management.

Unfortunately, an error was made during the maintenance. We had to suspend the picture upload temporarily until 11:30am CET (10:30am UTC).

We would like to apologize for that interruption. As you know, we are trying to do our best to restore the website's access, for you to enjoy great service amongst us.

You may encounter some error messages during the next 24 hours (especially while viewing photos), but do not pay attention to them. That is part of this morning's operation.

We will keep you informed when we plan on changing the technical structure in the coming weeks.

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Positioning your photographs

Published on 10-29-2007 by Curufinwe in News | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

I guess you have often wondered where a photograph took a photograph that you love. Pictaero.com now provides you with an answer, using the pictures' positioning system!

It has been available for a number of weeks, during the upload procedure and we have finally issued the precise location where the photo was taken! If the photographer has given the data while uploading his picture, a "Shot location" link will show up on the picture's page. Then, you may click on it and a map will open with the location where the shot was taken!

For instance, let us take the Boeing 737 of Hapag-Lloyd taken by Marc-André VEILLARD: Simply click here !

Our system will enable an automatic photographs' positioning: Some of the latest cameras have an in-made GPS that stores the place where the photo was taken. If that data is kept within the picture, it will automatically be saved. Simple and quick cool!

We strongly advise you to provide people with hat information! Besides, some new useful and free devices based on that option are going to be online very soon!

Do not hesitate to send us your comments regarding this option and the way we are offering it to you. You can also give us any idea, ways of improving it ...

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Pictaero goes High Res

Published on 09-02-2007 by Curufinwe in News | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

HD, HD Ready, Full HD are fashionable words these days and make our screens go larger. So, why shouldn't high definition screens' owners fully benefit from their screens complete abilities?

Pictaero has made it all for them. We now offer our High Resolution - High Quality format pour all available pictures on the website. From now on, if you upload a picture that is large enough (at least 1600 pixels wide), and if the picture's quality is at its best, you will be able to view it at its highest resolution.

Obviously,to be able to upload High-Res pictures on Pictaero, it is necessary to be a registered member! It is completely free and will only take a few minutes. Aside from being able to upload high resolution images, you will also benefit from all the advantages offered to all signed-up users: uploading photographs, taking part in the making of Pictaero, viewing high resoution pictures, ...

Conditions for high resolution pictures validation on Pictaero:

  • Photographs must be large enough to be treated by our High-Res server (1600 pixels wide at least).
  • Photographs must be accepted and must exceed normal criteria as for quality
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Discover your custom page

Published on 08-20-2007 by Curufinwe in News | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

New: Pictaero allows you to choose your own content, organise it the way you want so as to create your personal custom homepage.

It is very easy to have this option set up! On the home page, we have selected default items for you; however, you can remove them, add some more, move them ... in a few mouse clicks!

This way, if you want to know what the latest added pictures are, add the "Latest added pictures" item ... would you prefer follow the airports' updates, add the "latest updates on airports" item. You can select the colour of the items and move them according to your needs and preferences!

Obviously, you can still choose to view the ordinary home page: you just have to click on "Deactivate my custom homepage"; don't worry though: you will be able to reactivate it within a simple mouse click!

Do not hesitate to give us some feedback about this new option as well as your ideas for other items. Just contact us!

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