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Sea, Sex and Sun ...

Published on 02-27-2008 by Curufinwe in Send a comment | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

No, I am not thinking about the summer holidays yet!
Actually, I was surfing through our members' photos on Pictaero when I saw a 747 with a peculiar registration ... F-HLOV. So, I clicked on the airline - Corsair not to mention it - and I noticed that their planes had quite unusual registrations!
Hence Sea, Sex and Sun:
747-400 - F-HSEA 747-400 - F-HSEX 747-400 - F-HSUN
That made my day, and I was quite proud of myself! At least, that was better than my whole day at Toulouse-Blagnac airport waiting for planes that never came!!! laughing

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