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Pictaero's Blog >> Election of the best photography 2019: July selection

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Election of the best photography 2019: July selection

Published on 02-13-2020 by totoro in Send a comment | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

Hello everyone!

I take advantage of this rainy day to offer you the selection of July 2019. Still beautiful photos, congratulations to the selected photographers and good luck. Good vote for the others.

Photo n°1 de Marc-A. VEILLARD
Iliouchine Il-18D - 3X-GGU

Photo n°2 de Jean-marc DAVID
Douglas DC-3C - N431HM

Photo n°3 d'Yvan PANAS
Airbus A330-941neo - F-WWCM

Photo n°4 de Ramon JORDI
H-145 - EC-MKZ

Photo n°5 de Willem RAVENSBERGEN
Westland Puma HC.2 - XW224

Photo n°6 de Pascal SIMON
Airbus A330-302 - B-16332

Photo n°7 de Mickael PAYET
Boeing 777-328/ER - F-GZNN

Photo n°8 de Clément ALLOING
Airbus A330-941neo - PK-LEI

Photo n°9 de Tristan JAKOB TRISTAN
Airbus A330-203 - TC-JNC

Photo n°10 de Loick SONGTHANE
Airbus A330-941neo - F-WWCM

David D.

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