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Pictaero's Blog >> Election of the best photography 2018: March selection

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Election of the best photography 2018: March selection

Published on 01-20-2019 by totoro in Send a comment | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

Good evening,

This evening, I present to you the pictures that were selected by the team for the month of March. Congratulations to those who have been selected and good vote for others.

Photo n°1 de Claude DAVET
Boeing 737-8K2/WL - PH-HSI

Photo n°2 de Marlon COCQUEEL
North American AT-6D - F-AZRD

Photo n°3 de Ramon JORDI
Boeing 747-412/BDSF - TF-AMI

Photo n°4 de Nathalie VIGNOUD
Boeing 737-8K5/WL - G-FDZF

Photo n°5 de Didier VITTOZ
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner - VN-A868

Photo n°6 de Pascal SIMON
Boeing 737-2E7/Adv - PK-RII

Photo n°7 de Romain ROUX
Bell 429 GlobalRanger - N920PD

Photo n°8 de Jerome LUDRY
Boeing 777-3DE/ER - HB-JNJ

Photo n°9 de Jean-claude MAURAN
Airbus A330-941neo - F-WTTE

Photo n°10 de Jean RAVON
Dassault Rafale - QA217

Good flight and see you soon.
David D.

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