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2009 Paris Air Show

Published on 06-16-2009 by Curufinwe in Send a comment | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

The Paris Air Show is opening!
It celebrates its 100th anniversary. In 1909, the first Paris Air Show was organised at the Grand Palais in the centre of Paris. Visitors had been able to watch the Blériot XI fly. It had flown over the Channel two months before that.

A hundred years later, the Blériot XI still flies ... a replica does at least! It is at the air Show to celebrate the centennial.
Blériot XI - F-AZPG

Regarding what is present this year, Airbus has brought a lot of planes from its range: A320, A321, A300, A340 and A380. ATR has taken a plane too, Boeing has an Air France 777F, Bombardier has brought bizjets and a Q400, Dassault has military and civilian aircraft and Sukhoi its new Superjet 100. There is a lot more to see! Unfortunately, niether the A400M nor the 787 will be there this year ... they haven't even flown yet!
Superjet 100 - RA-97003 A380-800 - F-WWJB Typhoon - MM7275

You can also see old aircraft at the Paris Air Show this year. Among others, the Blériot XI, the Bréguet XIV, a Morane-Saulnier MS-406, a P-51 Mustang, a DH-100 Vampire will be on site.

The whole team hopes that you will show us and share a great variety of aircraft pictures taken during the air show. Until Thursday, only "professionals" and the press can get in. From Friday until Sunday though, anybody can enter and roam within the airport. Unfortunately once again, some planes will leave either Thursday or Friday. The manufacturers are not really bothered with the visitors coming for the show ...

Have your cameras and lenses ready then! And let's hope that the weather will be good!
Click here to see the photos taken at the 2009 Paris Air Show!

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