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Pictaero's Blog >> Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday March 16th 2009

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Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday March 16th 2009

Published on 03-22-2009 by Curufinwe in Screeners' choices | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

Hi to everybody!
I have been away for a while, but I am back now!
This week's choice looks really dense and varied. I suggest we start with a few fighters from the oldest to the newest!
CM-170 - 320 Mirage 2000C - 96
F/A-18C - J-5019 Rafale M - 16

However, the biggest part is made of airliners. You will find aircraft that fly, have flown and flew: a 737-200, a Concorde on static display for its 40th anniversary, Triple Sevens and even an Antonov 22 on the apron at Toulouse airport. I let you have a look at all that!
L-1049C - F-BRAD 737-200 - C5-NYA An-22 - UR-09307
Concorde - F-BVFC A310-300 - TU-TAC A319-100 - G-EUPL
737-800 - F-GZHC 777-300 - F-GSQS 777-300 - F-GSQB

And finally, not in the right order, three aircraft that are very different: a Lockheed Electra, a Gulfstream G-450 taken with a wide angle and a helicopter landing in Martinique!
L-188A/F - 0793 AB-47 G2 - F-GCQM G-450 - N212LF

Our screeners' choice comes to an end now. We hope you have enjoyed it. See you on Monday 30th March for our next weekly Screeners' Choice.

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