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Pictaero's Blog >> Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday December 1st 2008

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Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday December 1st 2008

Published on 12-02-2008 by Curufinwe in Screeners' choices | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

Sometimes, within the team, we must be reading each other's minds, or at least we must have the same thoughts at the same time! For instance, this week, amongst the thirteen pictures that have been chosen, four were taken by night or at dusk. It is true that it looks awesome, but it is quite amazing to know that we have all picked at least one like that!
A340-200 - F-RAJA A330-200 - F-HCAT
DC-10F - Z-ARL Learjet 35A - D-COKE

Before we continue, I would like to have a special thought for the victims of the Air New Zealand aircraft that crashed last week in the Mediterranean Sea; hoping to have more news in the days to come.
A320-200 - D-AXLA

And now, let's move onto General Aviation with, among others, a wonderful shot of a Bücker 131 flying over the water.
Long-EZ - F-PLEZ Bu-131 - HB-UUL Pitts S-2B - F-GGPS

Eventually, we have a few airliners; small ones such as a Swiss Air Ambulance Challenger 604 and huge ones with the interior of an Antonov An-124.
Challenger 604 - HB-JRB 737-800 - CN-ROC
A330-200 - F-OPTP 747-400F - B-18718 An-124-100 - UR-82009

That shall be all for today. I hope you will have a good week, seeing you next Monday for our weekly Screeners' Choice.

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