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Pictaero's Blog >> 2017 Photography Election: New vote of May Selection

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2017 Photography Election: New vote of May Selection

Published on 02-23-2018 by totoro in Send a comment | Permanent link | 1 comment(s)

Good evening,

Due to a problem with the member who won the month of May, I would ask you to kindly revote for this selection. Indeed, the member was disqualified and photograph number 3 removed from the selection.
Good luck to the remaining 9 participants.

Photo n°1 de Jean-Claude MAURAN
Airbus A330-321 - F-WWCD

Photo n°2 de Corentin ALTHERR
Airbus A350-941 - A7-ALE

Photo n°4 de Gilles ASTRE
Airbus A350-941 - VN-A890

Photo n°5 de Remo GARONE
Aérospatiale AS-532UL Cougar - T-335

Photo n°6 de Radek PROCHAZKA
British Aerospace Systems Hawk T2 - ZK010

Photo n°7 de Claude DAVET
Boeing 737-8K5/W - D-ATUJ

Photo n°8 de philippe RPCTY
Bücker Bü-131B Jungmann - HB-UTN

Photo n°9 de Bill MALLINSON
Airbus A330-243 - B-5943

Photo n°10 de Jérôme LUDRY
Boeing 787-833 Dreamliner - C-GHPQ

See you soon.
David D.

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Sent on 02-24-2018 08:28:33

Photo n°4 de Gilles ASTRE