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Pictaero's Blog >> Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday October 1st 2007

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Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday October 1st 2007

Published on 09-30-2007 by Curufinwe in Screeners' choices | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

Four different categories this week.
We have chosen a large number of Airbus aircraft to start with! Both for their quality and their composition, such as an A319 wing taken in flight, with a beautiful sunset, and an A330 in front of threatening stormy clouds!
A319 - G-EZAY
A330-300 - B-6097 A330-200 - F-WWYP
A340-200 - F-RAJA A340-600 - F-WWCA A340-600 - F-WWCV

Concorde - when it showed up - still is a thrilling plane, although it is no longer in the air!
Concorde - F-BTSD Concorde - F-BTSD

Before we finish, let us stop at a selection of light aircraft, some of which are very rare in the Western world!
Technoavia SP-94 - RA-44496 Waco UPF-7 - F-AZLC Rutan 61 - F-PJLB

Finally, not knowing where to place those two pictures, a photograph of a Dassault Rafale B, during the Bex Air Show, and a EuroAir MD-83, providing Aegean with a temporary uplift capacity!
Rafale B - 302 MD-83 - SX-BEU

Once again, thank you to all of you and see you next time for our Weekly Screeners' Choice!

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