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Pictaero's Blog >> Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday September 24th 2007

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Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday September 24th 2007

Published on 09-23-2007 by Curufinwe in Screeners' choices | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

Let's start with the result for our weekly screeners' selection!

First of all many thanks to Marc-André Veillard for his pictures'quality!
ERJ-145 - LX-LGW A319 - HB-IPV
A340-300 - HB-JMI Boeing 757-200 - PH-DBA

Then, as for the week, we have had a great number of older photographs with a few wonderful ones among them!
Grumman Avenger - F-AZJA Concorde - F-BVFD

Let's carry on with a few military aircraft and rare planes, a beautiful Beriev Be-200 for instance!
Douglas A-1 Skyraider - F-AZDP Hawker Hurricane - G-HURR
OV-10 Bronco - F-AZKM Beriev Be-200 - RA-21516

Eventually, a little remembering for the French Civilian Security with their EC-145:
Eurocopter EC-145 - F-ZBPZ Eurocopter EC-145 - F-ZBPS

Thanks to all of you for submitting great pictures! See you next time for our weekly Screeners' Choice!

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