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Pictaero's Blog >> Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday October 6th 2008

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Pictaero's Screeners' Choice - Monday October 6th 2008

Published on 10-07-2008 by Curufinwe in Screeners' choices | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

For this week, we have chose a sample of Thomas B.'s old planes photos, taken for instance at the Duxford Air Show, in the United Kingdom. The team has chosen some of his pictures unanimously! Congratulations!
Lysander - G-AZWT C-53D Skytrooper - LN-WND
Waco UPF-7 - F-AZLC B-17G - F-AZDX

Amazingly, we also have two photos of helicopters! It is rare enough to notice it!
The first one is a "Dauphin" belonging to the the French Navy, and taken by night, therefore showing a special effect; the second one is smaller and completely yellow!
SA-360 Dauphin - 157 R-44 Raven - G-CEST

Let's continue with the airliners and alike (such as a French E-3F Sentry). No very large aircraft such as 747s and A380s today. We can see here one of AirAsia's A320 at dusk, a very colourful Air Bashkortostan (yes, Bashkortostan ... I wrote it properly!!) 757 or one of Air Méditerranée's A321 being parked.
757-200 - EI-LTO A319 - HB-JZJ A320-200 - F-WWBB
737-700 - G-EZJK A321-200 - F-GYAJ E-3F Sentry - 203

Our choice is now over. We hope you enjoyed our selection. See you next week for our weekly Screeners' Choice.

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