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First Birthday for Pictaero

Published on 09-02-2008 by Curufinwe in Send a comment | Permanent link | 0 comment(s)

A year ago, Pictaero was launched with a French and an English version after more than 6 months of development and 2 months of beta testing.

This year has shown that we have been able to develop an independent website for aviation picture sharing. We have dreamt of Pictaero, we have imagined what it may look like, and we are really happy to see that what we thought it would be is now reality.

On behalf of the whole team, I would like to thank you, dear members, for the interest that you have shown in joining the website and putting it to life by sending photos, updating the resources or commentating and rating pictures.

We have tried to listen to your queries and your expectations as much as we could, and we have had lots of new ideas to offer an evolution to make the website more comprehensive. We will put those online in the near future, or on a longer term, but we hope you will enjoy them!

Once more, thanks again for your faithfulness; it is to us the best reward we can get.

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