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Pictaero's Blog >> No Screeners' Choice - Monday June 16th 2008 - Here is Why

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No Screeners' Choice - Monday June 16th 2008 - Here is Why

Published on 06-18-2008 by Curufinwe in Send a comment | Permanent link | 2 comment(s)

Wednesday, June 18th 2008 ... quite late to type the Weekly Screeners' Choice article!
Actually this week, no Screeners' Choice ... I'd rather say it is a very personal choice!

I hardly speak about myself, except when I am late; but this time, I want to share with you what caused the absence of the Screeners' Choice this week.

Let me introduce you to Abigail Marie, my baby girl; she was born on Monday 16th at 4:25pm. She is fine and can't wait to go with her daddy by the runway to take pictures! laughing

Pictaero is all about photos, so here is below a picture of her, a few minutes after she was born ... smile


I will type the next Weekly Screeners' Choice on next Monday ... I want to spend some time with my daughter! wink

Comments :


Sent on 06-20-2008 14:08:31

Fantastic! I have newborn daughter as well, Zara. CONGRATULATIONS! smile



Sent on 06-22-2008 18:01:41

Thanks a lot!
Congratulations to you too then wink